About Us


MMA WORLD ACADEMY is GTA’s newest state of the art MMA and Fitness Center.

Our duty and goal is to provide our members with the greatest health and fitness one can achieve through the discipline of Martial Arts and Fitness.

At MMA WORLD ACADEMY you will reap the benefits through our training and fitness programs of being stronger, more disciplined, healthier and more confident while gaining inner strength and peace.

  • You will learn self discipline, confidence, inner strength and most of all respect for others and themselves through our kid’s mma programs
  • Self defense and real world combat techniques
  • You will gain long lasting relationships and contacts

We understand you want the best life has to offer and we will help you get there.
Our MMA and Fitness instructors focus on our members and help them achieve their goals.
If your goal is to be in the greatest shape you could imagine, we are for you.
If your goal is to pursue your dream of being a professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor, we are for you.

As an MMA WORLD ACADEMY member, you are part of our family.
At MMA WORLD, you will find state of the art facilities, high level instructors, comprehensive course offerings, and convenient schedules.

Everything is about you and helping you conquer your world.

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